Getting Information from FlyerTalk Can Be a Very “Sticky” Situation, Part I

This is simply a reminder that before posting on FlyerTalk requesting or providing information, one may want to do a Search for the topic first to ensure that an identical topic has not already been posted.

Sometimes, the Search function as well as searching for FlyerTalk threads using is not always precise or could expend a lot of time.

When entering a FlyerTalk forum, look towards the top. You may find threads called “sticky” threads. These are threads which were deemed important enough to remain “stuck” at the top of the forum for easy access.

Often times, these “sticky” threads contain links to threads with frequently asked questions or threads with valuable information.

Here are a few examples of some of the many valuable “sticky” threads found throughout FlyerTalk:

The next time you wander into a FlyerTalk forum seeking advice or looking to post valuable information, please stick to this advice: look at the top of the forum and see what “sticky” threads — if any — are available.

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