Getting Information from FlyerTalk Can Be a Very “Sticky” Situation, Part II: Check Those “Sticky” Threads!

This is an addendum to what I posted here in this FlyerTalk “blog”…

Tonight, I edited The Definitive “How To Earn Delta Air Lines SkyMiles” Thread, which is linked from within the PLEASE READ FIRST: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Anything To Do With Delta thread, to update the information in it.

While editing it, I found out that some changes have quietly occurred.

For example, many properties in the Marriott brand family that used to award 3 Delta Air Lines SkyMiles per US$1.00 spent on qualifying charges now only award 2 Delta Air Lines SkyMiles per US$1.00 spent on qualifying charges.

On the other hand, all Hilton properties now have the option of earning 1 Delta Air Lines SkyMile per eligible US$1.00 spent in addition to 500 Delta Air Lines SkyMiles per qualifying stay, which was the only option previously.

There have been subtle changes on which classes of airfares on many airline partners are eligible to earn Delta Air Lines SkyMiles — too numerous to mention here. While in many cases on a number of airline partners, an increasing number of airfares are no longer eligible to earn Delta Air Lines SkyMiles, there are some airlines partners that actually increased the number of airfares that are eligible to earn Delta Air Lines SkyMiles — albeit, most of the time, only one airfare class was added.

There are many other changes overall that are too numerous — and, quite frankly, rather miniscule — to even mention here. The point is that one should include a check of the “sticky” threads in addition to other sources of information to remain current with the numerous amount of changes that occur in a frequent traveler program that earns points or miles.

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