Golden Ticket: $548 and Up Business Class Round Trip From Vietnam

If you have always wanted to try out business class on airplanes operated by Qatar Airways, here is your chance to do it — if you are willing to start in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and travel round trip to many destinations around the world.

Golden Ticket: $548 and Up Business Class Round Trip From Vietnam

Thanks to FlyerTalk member FlytheTail — who found this airfare — you can travel in style by booking your airfare at the official Internet web site of Qatar Airways.

Ensure that you find the Golden Ticket, as shown in this example between Ho Chi Minh City and Atlanta, which I tried for myself.

Golden Ticket July 31, 2017

Source: Qatar Airways.

Once you enter in your flight information, look at the top for the white star in the orange banner for the lowest airfare; and then click under the Business Promo column for the gold colored airfare.

Golden Ticket July 31, 2017

Source: Qatar Airways.

In this example of Ho Chi Minh City and Atlanta, the total cost round trip — including all taxes and fees — is $672.78; and unlimited free stopovers are permitted. Destinations in Europe are even less expensive; and you can even travel to Africa.

You can even place the airfare on hold for 24 hours free of charge.

Did you notice that a Business Saver fare with the same itinerary costs $4,089.00?

Keep in mind that there are fees involved:

  • Change fee: $115.00
  • Cancellation fee: $230.00
  • No show fee: $875.00


I do not normally post articles announcing low airfares, as they are not for everyone; but this airfare may not be what is known as a mistake fare, as it may have been published legitimately by Qatar Airways if this “tease” from the official Twitter account of Qatar Airways may be of any indication:

You can credit your flights to your American Airlines AAdvantage membership account, if you have one.

The issue is how to get to Vietnam to start your trip in the first place. That can be achieved by what is known as a positioning flight where you can travel to Vietnam to start your trip. You can pay for the flight in cash; or you can use frequent flier loyalty program miles — if you have enough of them to redeem.

What I like to do is visit other places whenever I travel — and you can do that with the free stopovers. You can even do what is known as an open jaw where you start in Ho Chi Minh City and travel to Atlanta; then travel from New York back to Ho Chi Minh City.

How long this airfare will be in effect is unknown; but I would say fewer than 24 hours at the most — so if you are interested, book your tickets here as soon as possible

…and I hope you have a safe and opulent journey.

Source: Qatar Airways.


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2 thoughts on “Golden Ticket: $548 and Up Business Class Round Trip From Vietnam”

  1. Greg says:


    When reading your description of the fees that may be incurred with regard to this Qatar Airways business class fare, I noticed a fee described as a ‘no show fee’ of $875.

    That fee is higher than the airfare plus taxes you note in your post about this opportunity.

    Does it mean if I fail to use the ticket, the credit card I use to pay for the original ticket will be billed another $875?

    And are you planning on taking advantage of this special air fare opportunity for travelers originating in Viet Nam?

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I am not certain of the policy of Qatar Airlines, Greg. That is a good question.

      That situation is unusual but not impossible; and I have never experienced that situation in all the years I have been traveling. What if I purchased an airfare on a domestic airline in the United States for $80.00 but the cancellation fee is $200.00?

      I was thinking about taking advantage of this offer; but I already have another trip planned instead. I tried searching before, after and during that planned trip; and the logistics simply were not cooperating with me…

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