Got a Question for a United Airlines Flight Attendant?

You have come to the right place!

Post your question in the now-popular United Flight Attendant Q&A thread!, or review questions asked by other FlyerTalk members who regularly are passengers on United Airlines.

Questions already posted to that thread include:

  • Why does extra wine get dumped out instead of being corked & given out?
  • What control, if any, do you have over which trips you take and with whom you work on board?
  • How hard is it to read the pre-flight “water landing” part without breaking down?
  • Do FA’s have any training to stop crying babies?
  • What’s the best way to pick up a FA? (Hey, I’m single now.)

Yes, that last question was actually posted, and there are a number of humorous questions as well as serious questions being asked in that thread.

Go ahead and ask that question which you have been dying to ask a United Airlines flight attendant, or at least review some of the other questions that have been asked in that thread. However, when you do, please be sure that your seatback table is stowed and your seat is in its upright and locked position…

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