Guess When the Snow Will Finish Melting in Boston to Win a Meeting With Its Mayor

ou read that headline correctly: guess when the snow will finish melting in Boston; and you can win a “meet and greet” with Marty Walsh, who is the mayor of Boston.

Boston suffered from its worst winter in recorded history in terms of 110.6 total inches of snowfall, which forced officials of the city to figure out where to put all of that snow. The decision: dump the snow in piles as high as 20 feet in an area at Tide Street in South Boston.

That decision brought mixed results: all of the trash and garbage buried in all of that snow is now being exposed in a mucky pile which still has the remnants of the snow from this past winter melting; but at least it was not dumped into Boston Harbor, in which all of that refuse would have wound up — causing potential environmental concerns…

…and because the snow was considered an emergency situation, officials in Boston reportedly had permission to simply dump all of that snow into the harbor; but wisely chose not to do so.

In the meantime, people are guessing that the snow will finally completely melt sometime between next month and well into 2016….

…so as you lazily lounge by the swimming pool in the hot summer sun while sipping on your refreshingly delicious piña colada clad only in your bathing suit, what is your guess as to when the snow will finally completely melt in Boston?

For additional information, Eric Fisher — who is the chief meteorologist for WBZ-TV Channel 4 News in Boston — gives five reasons in a light-hearted article pertaining to why the snow still has not completely melted yet; and Christina Hager reports on this bizarre phenomenon in a video which you can click here to view if you do not see it embedded below.

Weather map from Sunday, January 25, 2015 courtesy of AccuWeather.

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