Ham: US$185 Per Pound or US$400 Per Kilogram?!?

You read the title correctly.

We are not discussing caviar, Kobe beef, lobster or any other expensive food or delicacy. We are discussing ham.

Apparently, the type of ham about which FlyerTalk member anaggie is raving in the OH MY GOD !!! Jamon Iberico Pata Negra !!! thread is not just any kind of ham. “All I have got to say is WOW !!! I just tasted ONE slice and ended up buying 1/2 a pound at $185/lb.,” says anaggie. This stuff just melts in your mouth and you cannot stop eating. Is there anyplace online that sells it cheaper? Just a bit?”

I do not eat ham and have never heard of the type of ham being discussed in the OH MY GOD !!! Jamon Iberico Pata Negra !!! thread, but now the search is on for this special ham that either costs the least, tastes the best – or combines the best compromise of both, if that is possible. If you are interested, join in on the search, find out where to purchase it, or relate your gastronomic experience with this delicacy if you have one to share.

Regardless, US$185 per pound is an awful lot of bread to pay for ham…

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