Hand-Written Note Results in Flight From Cairo to New York Diverted to Scotland

A Boeing 777-300 aircraft operating as EgyptAir flight 985 on its way from Cairo to New York was diverted to Prestwick Airport near Glasgow while being escorted by fighter jets from the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom in response to a hand-written note found in a lavatory by the sink aboard the airplane.

Hand-Written Note Results in Flight From Cairo to New York Diverted to Scotland

The note — written with a pencil on a napkin which was found by a passenger who then alerted the flight crew — reportedly had the message “I’ll set this plane on fire” with a seat number written on it in “sloppy” handwriting. The threatening note reportedly terrified other passengers to the point of panic.
After landing, the aircraft waited for several hours amidst dozens of police officers, who searched the aircraft after the passengers were finally allowed off of the airplane. No suspicious items were found, and no one was arrested in connection with this incident at this time. An investigation is currently under way pertaining to who placed the note on the aircraft, from where it originated, and under what circumstances — all of which are still unknown at the time this article was posted.


All 303 passengers eventually arrived in New York safely — albeit twelve hours later than originally scheduled.
Last month, another diversion of a flight also occurred over the United Kingdom involving a Boeing 777-300 aircraft operating as PIA Pakistan International Airlines flight 709 on its way from Lahore to Manchester. Two men were arrested in that incident.

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