Happy Birthday, Randy Petersen!

If it is September 19 — which is today — then this special day can be none other than the birthday of FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen.

Actually, that is only partially true. September 19 is also the birthday of FlyerTalk members SFOLIS, zebra, jaymay, Ben Boatwright, vkanids, pamelaemcc, rosscali, burghlaw, Absik001, 777-222, crossroads, JohnSIN, sburgner, KL803, RAPC, 380, kristenmilnes, chrisearth13, and aerospace.

In any event, we at The Gate do not officially know just how old Randy Petersen is today, but we will certainly not stop anyone from asking by posting in the Happy Birthday, Randy Petersen! thread…

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