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Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

Has Meet & Seat by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Failed?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is at least one airline which offers a social check-in feature called Meet & Seat, where you can find out who will be on your flight — as well as view the Facebook or LinkedIn profile details of other passengers and see where they will be sitting — long before your flight leaves the ground.

Has Meet & Seat by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Failed?

Meet & Seat was launched by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines back in 2011 through which you can choose your own neighbor with whom you can sit aboard the airplane; and it was listed in this article which I wrote pertaining to technology devoted to finding love at 35,000 feet — but has it failed?

FlyerTalk member Mirk was wondering if Meet & Seat still even exists; and FlyerTalk member Fabo.sk responded that “It seems to exist, but I haven’t seen a single icon in all my flights with KLM… so either nobody else ever uses it, or it doesn’t actually work.”

One experience was related by FlyerTalk member Mcflyneo: “I used it as well with my linkedin profile without any affect except for once. I met another FF plat. but before we could get comfortable talking, we were sent back to our seats otherwise we would be ‘conspiring’. Another one of those American viruses caught.”


Since Meet & Greet was introduced, I have never used it on all the times of which I was a passenger on any airplane operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines — either because I actually forgot that it was an option; or because I simply had no interest in using it.

I have not heard anything pertaining to the success of Meet & Greet — nor have I heard about the technology being expanded to other airlines.

Come to think of it, I have heard very little about other technology options which are designed to meet someone either aboard the airplane or in the airport; so I am interested in finding out if you have ever used any of the options — and if so, please impart your experience in the Comments section below; and if not, please state your reasons as to why you did not consider using them.

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

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