Her Sandwich Depressed the Customer Service Representative

Imagine a turkey sandwich that caused a Delta Air Lines customer service representative who “strongly feels that Medallion elite members should not be at a loss under any circumstances” to promptly refund FlyerTalk member reddawngrl — who complained about how her breakfast sandwich on a croissant and received an “Amusing email response regarding my inedible sandwich” — the seven dollars she paid for what she calls “nothing but mayonnaise and one slice of 1 mm thin turkey meat that was more fat and gristle than actual meat,” claiming that the sandwich was “inedible.”

Other FlyerTalk members wonder why she did not complain immediately upon being served a turkey of a turkey sandwich and receiving a refund while still in flight.

Even more amusing are similar forms of correspondence received by other FlyerTalk members that are nothing more than form letters with a line or two of customization added to them…

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