Hilton.com Down Due To Flooding?

FlyerTalk members are beginning to report success accessing the Internet web site of Hilton Worldwide, www.hilton.com, but earlier this week many FlyerTalk members were reporting www.hilton.com being down for extended periods of time.

At least one FlyerTalk member reports that the cause of the problem is inclement weather and severe flooding as a result, as the servers of www.hilton.com are located in Memphis, Tennessee, which was hit hard by bad weather recently. Reports indicate that a fibre optic cable was cut.

The response by at least one FlyerTalk member is that the flooding argument does not hold water — and no, this time the pun was not an original one by us here at The Gate. Some FlyerTalk members express that it is inexcusable for a company as large as Hilton Worldwide to not have a back-up system when problems — such as flood waters — arise.

How does Hilton Worldwide intend to respond to the inconvenience of its customers — if it does at all?!?

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