Hilton Three-Day Flash Sale: Proceed With Caution

The Hilton Copenhagen Airport hotel porperty is one of many hotel properties participating in the three-day flash sale. Photograph ©2013 by Brian Cohen.

Through October 11, 2013, Hilton Worldwide is offering sale prices on dozens of select hotel properties in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middles East and Africa which appear to be great room rates starting at £65.00, $101.00 or €77,00 for weekend stays between October 11, 2013 and December 29, 2013 — such as a £56.00 room rate which includes breakfast at the Hilton Birmingham Bromsgrove hotel property in the United Kingdom, which is discounted 30 percent from the regular £80.00 room rate, for example.
Not so fast, say underwhelmed FlyerTalk members who report not only technical glitches with the official Internet web site of this “strange” flash sale; but also claim that the room rates for the flash sale are actually more expensive than the standard room rates.
Regardless, this flash sale may be beneficial to you if you do your homework as discounts on room rates range between 15 percent and 33 percent — but keep in mind that you must pay full payment for the room rate in advance and that your payment is not refundable unless the hotel is located in Germany, where a refund of ten percent applies. Your reservation cannot be changed once booked. Also — for the purposes of this offer — a weekend is defined as Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in Europe and Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in the Middle East and Africa.
Other terms, conditions and restrictions apply. Read them carefully before booking your hotel room reservation.

One thought on “Hilton Three-Day Flash Sale: Proceed With Caution”

  1. BearX220 says:

    I’m going to London in mid-November and took the Hilton site apart ISO evidence of this “flash sale” … could not find a thing.

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