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The corporate headquarters of Hilton is located in McLean, Virginia just outside of the District of Columbia. Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

Hilton to Match Points Donations For Areas Which Were Devastated by Hurricane Ida

Up to $250,000 will go to those who need assistance.

Whether the storm named Ida in 2021 was a strong Category 4 hurricane or a tropical depression, it wreaked havoc in its path — from New Orleans and the gulf coasts of both Louisiana and Mississippi to New York and many parts of the northeastern United States — leaving both death and destruction in its wake and resulting in what is expected to be a long road to recovery.

Hilton to Match Points Donations For Areas Which Were Devastated by Hurricane Ida

“I am reaching out to share how people can join Hilton Honors to support relief efforts from the devastating impacts of Hurricane Ida”, according to an e-mail message which was sent to me by one of my contacts at Hilton. “Hilton Honors has pledged to support relief organizations working on-the-ground, including Project Hope and Direct Relief, to aid those impacted by Hurricane Ida.”

When members of the Hilton Honors frequent guest loyalty program redeem points for a cash donation to either Project Hope or Direct Relief through PointWorthy, the Hilton Effect Foundation will match the donations — up to a maximum limit of $250,000.00, which is 87,500,000 Hilton Honors points at a rate of 350 points per one United States dollar — through Saturday, October 2, 2021. Upon linking their Hilton Honors and PointWorthy accounts, members can redeem points towards a donation.

A notification on PointWorthy will be included after the 87,500,000 points in donation amounts have been matched; and donations will no longer be matched at that point.


In a world which seems so sharply divided in recent years, knowing that help is on the way for people who need it — without regard to political issues or other ridiculous impediments which otherwise backpedal our society in general — is at least comforting and reassuring; and I hope that the Hilton Effect Foundation reaches its goal as quickly and as successfully as possible.

Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

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