Hilton Worldwide is a Publicly Traded Company Once Again

This is an aerial view of the Hilton Sydney hotel property. Photograph by FlyerTalk member sfoactuary. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by sfoactuary.

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Incorporated has once again become a publicly traded company as of yesterday — and it appears that its investors could not be any happier.
When Blackstone Group — a private equity firm based in New York — agreed to purchase Hilton Worldwide Holdings Incorporated in 2007 for $26 billion, it was at a time just before the commercial real estate market suffered financially and occupancies at hotels plunged dramatically.
It appears that waiting out the turnaround of the doldrums of the commercial real estate market has paid off handsomely for Blackstone — and occupancies at hotels have been increasing as well. This past September, Blackstone filed for an initial public offering worth $1.25 billion — and that initial public offering became a reality yesterday, with the stock price opening at $21.30 per share after the initial public offering was priced at $20.00 per share in what has apparently become one of the largest and most profitable private equity deals of all time.
Even after the initial public offering yesterday, Blackstone still owns a 76.2 percent stake of Hilton Worldwide Holdings Incorporated — with that stake valued at approximately $15 billion.
The stock — trading under its old ticker symbol of HLT — is currently trading at $22.15 — up 3.02 percent from its closing price of $21.50 yesterday.

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