Hit the "Sack" on US Airways…for US$7.00

You may not want to be caught sleeping through the offer that US announces the Power-Nap Sack: Pillow & a blanket for $7. After all, this is a deal where these kits normally cost US$20.00, and those who purchase these kits on-board US Airways flights for US$7.00 can take them home.

Here is some additional information pertaining to this deal:

Each US Airways Power-Nap Sack includes a cozy 34 x 60-inch fleece blanket, a soft-to-the-touch inflatable neck pillow, eye shades and foam ear plugs neatly packaged inside a reusable, navy blue fleece drawstring bag embroidered with the US Airways logo.

As an added value, each US Airways Power-Nap Sack includes a coupon for $10 off the future purchase of any SkyMall item.

As usual, FlyerTalk members discuss when pillows and blankets offered on-board US Airways aircraft during flights used to be complimentary in the economy class cabin — although one could not take them home — and whether or not those passengers in the premium class cabin still can have complimentary use of pillow and blankets…

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