How Appetizing. Bare Feet on Booth Seat in a Restaurant.

“Look at the woman with her nasty feet up on the booth,” whispered a patron who was seated near me in a casual — but not fast food — restaurant at which I was dining earlier today. “That is disgusting.”

How Appetizing. Bare Feet on Booth Seat in a Restaurant.

My curiosity was piqued, as there were three patrons seated in the booth behind me; and the woman in question was seated across the aisle from them. When the opportunity arose, I saw about what that patron was referring; and a photograph was taken. She was busy on her mobile telephone — seemingly completely oblivious to her surroundings — while her feet were on the booth seat, as her ankles were crossed and the soles of her bare feet faced out for all to see.

After I heard her dining partner cough several times — quite loud, actually — I heard someone complain that she did not even bother covering her mouth.

The first thought which entered my mind was this discussion on FlyerTalk known as Hall of Shame: Photographic Evidence of Disgusting Acts by Delta Air Lines Passengers. FlyerTalk members post photographs of different situations which they find disgusting — the most popular being feet propped up on a bulkhead wall by fellow passengers inside of an airplane, which some people would argue is not all that disgusting…


…but I would be inclined to agree that lounging in bare feet on a couch at home or on a chaise at poolside or on the beach is more appropriate than while ensconced in a booth in a restaurant. At best, doing that can be considered a lack of manners and etiquette while dining in a restaurant.

At least the baby seated at the table was quiet and perhaps the most well-behaved of the three people at that table — and also that the bottoms of the feet of the woman in question were not completely black with dirt…

Photograph ©2017 by B. Cohen.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Hmmm… should I go there… nah. What good would it do. Unfortunately it is what it is.

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