“How Much Money Are You Carrying?”

“March 4, 2011 I was going through TSA security at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. First I was singled out to go through the full body scanner. I did it. Second I was singled out for a full body pat down. I did it. Then they asked about my money belt under the clothes. I have traveled to over 80 countries, have lived around the world, and am a veteran traveler. I always wear a money belt as a way to carry extra cash and a credit card if my wallet is lost or stolen.

“In order to take off the cross body money belt I had to remove my shirts which I did. I gave the money belt to the TSA officer. He started bending it and I told him to watch there was a credit card in there. Then the supervisor came over and asked:

“‘How much money is in there?’

“I told him it was none of his business and he said it was. He then asked me where I was going and I told him to Europe but at that point I only had a boarding ticket to NYC where I had a 12 hour layover. He told me I had to tell him how much was in there since I was going international and I told him that was not his job as it isn’t. He then got angry, demanded my passport and boarding ticket to be photocopied. He said he would be calling immigration and customs. After twenty minutes (about to miss my flight) he gave them back to me and said customs and immigration will be talking with me (not sure if he meant upon return or not). Then he said I could go but then the other guy with him said I couldn’t. He demanded my license which I gave him. They photocopied that. Then they asked for my phone number and I gave them that. Meanwhile I took my iPhone from my luggage which was still on the conveyor belt and when they saw that they said they were calling the cops. I then hit audio record. The policeman showed up and the TSA asked if he was going to run me through the system. Again, they knew I had a flight to catch and that they were in the wrong. The policeman told them no that I had done nothing wrong. I made my flight.”

This story is the alleged first-hand account in the words of FlyerTalk member mkann69 when reportedly asked How much money are you carrying? TSA required answer at Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

What are your thoughts?

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