How NOT To Run a Hotel Promotion

What has promised to be an opportunity – Leading Hotels of the World – $19.28 a night (reg $500-$2000) – has turned out to be a fiasco of gigantic proportions.

Due to technical issues, not one person has been known to successfully take advantage of this seemingly incredible promotion to stay in a luxurious room for a significant fraction of the typical room rate at a leading hotel worldwide.

As of the time this is posted, the story is still unfolding, including talk of class-action lawsuits, directing unsolicited e-mail messages to those who are employed at Leading Hotels of the World, expressing dissatisfaction regarding the offer that became a fiasco, or simply giving up.

Will anyone ever get a chance to grab a hotel room whose room rate is hundreds of dollars per night for the incredible rate of $19.28 per night? As such items as taxes and fees are not included in this special rate, what is the real cost per night if one successfully takes advantage of this promotion?

Follow the still-breaking continuing story in the fast-paced Leading Hotels of the World – $19.28 a night (reg $500-$2000) thread.

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