How to Be More Comfortable in the Economy Class Cabin

Let’s face it – some of us simply cannot afford to purchase a first class or business class seat, whether we use points, miles or cash to pay for it.

If you are one of those people, reading the suggestions and helpful advice in the How to make a coach seat comfortable? thread is a must.

As a result of this thread, you will hopefully be comfortable on your next airplane trip assigned to a seat in the economy class cabin.

Who knows? Perhaps you will be more comfortable that those passengers sitting in the premium class seats!

I will admit that I was not being completely realistic in posting that last sentence. However, on the rare occasion when on an overnight flight in an economy class cabin that is not sold out, I am able to lift up the armrests of the empty seats adjacent to mine so that I may lie down and sleep with a pillow or two and a blanket or two, which cannot be done in the premium class cabin, especially if it is not equipped with lie-flat seats.

That is a rare moment where I actually would rather be in the economy class cabin than the premium class cabin.

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