Hub and Spoke: Bicycle Damaged; $200 Fee Not Initially Refunded

First came the broken guitar on United Airlines.

Now we have the broken bicycle on Delta Air Lines, and the chain link to the story is that Delta destroys charity triathlete’s bike if you want to pedal on over to that thread.

Whether or not the triathlete, who paid an extra $200 fee just to have his bicycle transported on the flight, had a happy ending to this story is unknown, but a spokesperson for Delta Air Lines says that they “have been in contact with this customer, have apologized for the incident and resolved the issue with him so that he can continue his important work.” Additional details are unknown at this time, but it is known that the $200 fee was not initially refunded upon request.

Regardless, a debate ensues about whether or not the triathlete should have used a container with a hard shell instead of what appears to be a soft bag to transport his checked bicycle. Also, some FlyerTalk members switched gears by chastising the triathlete in the way he allegedly attempted in a shifty manner to “play off (his) charity and say that Delta Air Lines is depriving children in Africa of water.” Still, other FlyerTalk members empathize with him.

This whole story is enough to make one two tired of the situation, but wheel leave that up to you to decide…

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