Hundreds Evacuated in New York Due to Unplugged Metal Detector

You might think that the Transportation Security Administration was taking the proper precautions and doing what was best for safety and security when hundreds of passengers were evacuated from Terminal 7 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York due to the malfunction of a metal detector at the airport security checkpoint — until you realize that the equipment had been inoperable for an unknown period of time simply because it was reportedly not plugged in and its operator had no idea that it was not functioning nor how much time it was out of service, resulting in people being improperly screened.

Hundreds Evacuated in New York Due to Unplugged Metal Detector

So let me get this straight: dozens of passengers went through a metal detector which no one knew was not powered?

You have got to be kidding me — and the Transportation Security Administration wants to spend three million more dollars on top of the billions purportedly already spent on equipment?

The evacuation lasted approximately two hours, delayed flights and caused the return of at least two aircraft from the runway so that passengers could be re-screened.

I cannot even imagine the inconvenience and frustration experienced by those hundreds of passengers — yet there are still those who say that it is “better to be safe than sorry.” You want to be safe than sorry? I would suggest you stay at home, but there is no guarantee that you will be safe there either. Your gas furnace could explode, a pipe could break and flood your home, or an electrical short could burn down your home — and let us not forget that many people travel to the airport in a mode of transportation called the automobile, which is statistically considered less safe than airplane flights.


Look — I have no problem with airport security, as long as it is done properly by qualified people with functional equipment. However, there is a threshold when cost no longer justifies the results — and it may be an understatement when I say it appears that that threshold had been crossed long ago.
After learning of this ridiculous incident, I want a refund of my tax dollars. Enough is enough.

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