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Hundreds of Canceled Flights To Continue Into December 26 2021

Happy Boxing Day.

Thousands of flights have been canceled worldwide over the holiday weekend — and a new round of hundreds of cancellations is expected for tomorrow, Sunday, December 26, 2021, as greater than 300 flights are expected to be canceled with one airline alone.

Hundreds of Canceled Flights To Continue Into December 26 2021

“We apologize to customers for the delay in their holiday travel plans”, according to this article which was posted at Delta News Hub, which is the official media site of Delta Air Lines. “Delta people are working together around the clock to reroute and substitute aircraft and crews to get customers where they need to be as quickly and safely as possible. When that’s not possible, Delta Reservations specialists coordinated with our Operations and Customer Care Center to get those impacted on the next available flight.”

The causes which were cited for the continued disruptions in operations at Delta Air Lines include inclement weather in portions of the United States; and the Omicron variant of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, which has purportedly led to an increase in cases which have caused members of flight crews and other employees of airlines who are involved in their operations to either test positive or become ill.

For today, Christmas Day, Saturday, December 25, 2021, “The airline canceled 368 mainline and connection flights of the day’s schedule that included approximately 3,000 scheduled flights after exhausting all options and resources to prevent those cancelations.”

As a side note, inclement weather is also contributing a minor role towards the disruption of air travel. For example, Delta Air Lines issued travel alerts for winter weather in Salt Lake City for Sunday, December 26, 2021 and winter weather in Seattle for Saturday, December 25, 2021 and Sunday, December 26, 2021, with which you can change your travel plans without penalty.

Although United Airlines suffered from similar disruptions in its operations over the holiday weekend, no notice was posted at its official media site. Additionally, the operations of JetBlue Airways and Alaska Airlines have also reportedly been disrupted during this holiday weekend.

Thousands of flights were canceled on Christmas Eve yesterday, Friday, December 24, 2021; and many more were delayed.

Final Boarding Call

Although airlines do usually report at their official Internet web sites any travel disruptions due to weather, they rarely list them when operational issues are the source — so assume that your flight will be delayed or canceled if you are traveling via airplane tomorrow.

If you are fortunate enough that your flight has not been canceled due to either inclement weather or the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic, it may likely be delayed; so please check with the airline which is scheduled to operate your flight so that you may plan for any possible inconvenience to your travel schedule — perhaps check it twice — and adapt to it accordingly.

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

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