Hungry for Changes at US Airways? No More Snacks on Domestic Flights

Because snacks will allegedly be eliminated on domestic US Airways flights in the United States, some FlyerTalk members are twisted like the pretzels that will no longer be served, according to the No More Pretzels on US Airways (Merged Threads) thread. Other FlyerTalk members think that this latest change in policy and procedure on US Airways will amount to little more than peanuts regarding cost savings. Still others believe that this opens up an opportunity to sell more expensive snacks on-board each flight. Some FlyerTalk members even believe that charging for a drink of water may be imminent in the future.

Do FlyerTalk members have a right to have a chip on their shoulders, or are they just nuts?

2 thoughts on “Hungry for Changes at US Airways? No More Snacks on Domestic Flights”

  1. Thanks !! Very helpful post!

  2. Thanks !! Very helpful post!

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