I Can See Clearly Now The Food Is Not Good.

Veteran FlyerTalk member and connoisseur Sweet Willie asks “What are some of your ‘go for the view, but skip the meal’ places?” in the thread whose title is The view is great, the food is not.

I suppose that a corollary might be that if the food is good, the view is not.

Waiter, please seat me at that table with the view of the pile of garbage lying next to that moldy brick wall, please…

I have eaten at Windows on the World a few times and thought the food was pretty good, although I had heard others complain about it. The cost of the food was quite pricy, to be sure, but it was good – and, of course, one could not beat the view, day or night!

Alas, do not try to call this restaurant for a reservation. It was located in New York at the top of one of the World Trade Center towers, and ceased to exist on September 11, 2001.

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