I Did Not Know About What to Write. I Was in a Real Pickle…

…so I had to dill with it.

I tried to chip away at finding a FlyerTalk thread about which to spotlight. I decided to spear a brand-new thread that was launched today: The Pickle thread.

“Sweet!” I thought to myself, relishing the idea of writing about a FlyerTalk thread pertaining to one of my favourite foods.

You do not have to be over a barrel in terms of where to find it: in the DiningBuzz! forum on FlyerTalk. My mouth was ajar to the fact that no one else had written about this thread yet. If someone already had, I would have been green with envy.

As of this posting, the thread is too new to reach the briny depths pertaining to pickles. If you have soured on other reading material found on the Internet, then quit gherkin around — you may want to crunch right into this thread.

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