"I Have to Pay to Use the Toilet?!?"

Passengers on Ryanair flights may very well be asking this question soon, as there is a possibility for Ryanair to charge for use of toilets, as coined by FlyerTalk member SmilingBoy and other FlyerTalk members.

Will other airlines be so flushed with envy that they will also take the plunge and cash in, or will they simply take a dump on this idea because of the possibility that it will tank?

Whether one speculates on number 1 or number 2, it is clear that some FlyerTalk members are quite drained about the idea and are willing to pipe up in protest because they believe that this idea simply will not float. One FlyerTalk member, MileageAddict, posts that he will just bring an empty Coke bottle on board with him, but then that would predicate to a public admission that he uses Coke…

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