Lions safari Kenya Africa
Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

I Prefer to Shoot Animals With a Camera — Not a Gun

alter James Palmer allegedly lured Cecil — at 13 years of age, one of the oldest and most famous lions in Zimbabwe — out of his protected area in Hwange National Park with bait before shooting him with a crossbow.

Approximately 40 hours later, the lion was reportedly killed with a gun on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 prior to being skinned and decapitated, according to this report with video from both Reuters and NBC News.

Having returned from safari in Kenya earlier this year, I am beyond outraged. I prefer to shoot animals with a camera — not a gun or crossbow.

It is one thing for people to hunt for animals for food, clothing, medicinal or population control purposes — although the ethics of that can be debated depending on which viewpoint you believe. I have always felt that if an animal must be killed, then use all of it and let none of it go to waste: the meat for food and the fur for clothing, for example…

…but to simply kill an animal for sport?

If the dentist from Minnesota really wanted to kill an animal for sport, then how about ditching the weapon and hunting animals with nothing more than his bare hands?

What’s that? The lion would have the edge in that matchup, Mr. Dentist? Well, whaddya know?!?

I am unsure of what is the fun of shooting an animal and mounting its head up on a wall. I would much prefer watching animals in their native habitat going about their lives — such as when I was unexpectedly treated to witnessing a cheetah surprising its prey, killing it and feasting on it.

Watching zebras and their sometimes quirky behavior was interesting to me. There was the viewing of the lion with one eye with his lioness companion. I enjoyed hanging out with elephants at a watering hole

…and let us not forget the different varieties of birds which I spotted while on safari in Kenya.

I would rather have done all of that — and recorded them with my camera — than to shoot them with guns or crossbows.

There are more photographs of different animals on deck from that safari to be highlighted in future articles — including but not limited to giraffes, hippopotami, monkeys, rhinoceroses and buffalo.

Please stay tuned…

 Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

  1. shame on this evil dentist; ought to go to a pshychiatrist !

    And Nature now will also kill all Cecil’s cubs, most unfortunately, as next lion in hyerarchy needs to spread his blood.

    Horrible story committed by a (in)human against a defenseless animal

  2. Just so evil and cruel to destroy the lives of innocent animals! Can’t understand what kinda religion or fun this is to inflict pain, suffering and death on other sentient beings!

  3. Get over yourself. Different strokes for different folks. He may not approve of your hobby of burning fuel to sit on an airplane for the fun of it. Let me guess, you are probably pro-choice too. Let’s kill humans and save the animals.

    1. …and let me guess: you like to jump to your own conclusions, Gabe — much of which are wholly incorrect.

      Don’t like it? Then follow your own advice: get over yourself.

    2. ‘Let’s kill humans and save animals’ OK dear Gabe, imagine the situation in reverse. What if you’re the helpless one to get killed for no reason

  4. The killing of animals for fun is despicable. If killing and animals means you can put food on the table for you or your family then I have no issue with it. (Deer, bear, boar, etc.) However, flying to Africa to shoot “big game” for “sport” doesn’t really fit a purpose other than to kill the animal.

    There was a story recently in NJ where two teens lured a flock of Canadian geese into a road while the other drove into them at 60mph. Based on the comments by readers of the article and what I think most reasonable people would believe is that willfully running over a flock of birds with an SUV is deplorable. How is killing a lion in a protected habitat with a high powered/sophisticated weapon any different? Neither animal had a chance, and the killing was for no purpose or gain other than the satisfaction that as a human you have the ability to kill. I just don’t understand it.

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