I Tested the Buy One Get One Free Deal at Burger King. Was I Deceived?

A class action lawsuit was filed against Burger King earlier this year for allegedly charging a higher price on a food item when using a coupon to purchase one item and receive the second item free than when the food item was purchased outright without a coupon.

Koleta Anderson used a coupon at three different Burger King restaurants — one each in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia — on three different days to purchase one Croissan’wich and get another for free. The result was that she paid up to $3.51 more for the Croissan’wich with the coupon than when she bought one without the coupon — but the Croissan’wich purchased with the coupon was never the same price as the one purchased without the coupon.

I Tested the Buy One Get One Free Deal at Burger King. Was I Deceived?

Burger King Whopper

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

I received a sheet of coupons from Burger King via postal mail yesterday. As I do not particularly like the ingredients on a Croissan’wich — I am not a breakfast person in general — I decided to purchase one Whopper sandwich and get one free with a coupon; and another Whopper sandwich on its own in a separate purchase at the same location to see if I experienced similar results.

Upon walking into the restaurant, the illuminated menu board above the area where customers order food displayed more expensive options — such as meals which included French fries and a soft drink — rather than individual items. The cost of a Whopper sandwich was one of the individual items which was not displayed on the menu board.

One Whopper sandwich was purchased without a coupon at 8:15 in the evening on Wednesday, July 26, 2017; and a second Whopper sandwich was purchased with the buy one get one free coupon less than a minute later.

Burger King Receipt

Information pertaining to the specific Burger King restaurant was deleted from each receipt. Click on the photograph for an enlarged version. Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

Sure enough, both receipts reflected the same cost for each purchase: $4.19 for a Whopper sandwich plus 25 cents tax for a grand total of $4.44 for each purchase.

I was not deceived.

Burger King Receipt

Click on the photograph for an enlarged version of the receipt. Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.


Regardless of whether or not I was comparing apples to oranges — or, in this case, Whoppers to Croissan’wiches – Burger King passed this wildly unscientific test at this one location…

…but I did notice that the price of the Whopper sandwich increased 20 cents from $3.99 at the same location on Monday, February 20, 2017.

I sure am glad I do not eat fast food very often. I did not particularly enjoy the two Whopper sandwiches which I ate; and I am not sure the other person who ate the third Whopper sandwich enjoyed it either. Both of my Whopper sandwiches included quite a bit of gristle and chewy parts to the tepid grayish-brown meat; brown tinged lettuce from close to the hard core; tomatoes which were not ripe enough; too much mayonnaise; and at least one end of a pickle with the stem still attached.

In other words, the specific Whopper sandwiches which I ate for this test were not worth any price — coupon or no coupon.

All photographs ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

3 thoughts on “I Tested the Buy One Get One Free Deal at Burger King. Was I Deceived?”

  1. Steve says:

    I use coupon in Phoenix Az all time no problem more problem with mc Donald their app stops working no reason contact Mac office no help .had four ice coffee then app stopped sign in have no free ice coffee. Have great day Steve mongosat@aol.com

  2. Steve says:

    Tks for great job zona

  3. Axxa says:

    Do another test now & see how the results stack up. I just used the app today & was charged the tax for the “free” burger. Sneaky lying bastards…

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