I Walked At Least 30 Miles This Week?

I have no idea how accurate is the mobile software application program known as Health on my mobile telephone, but I never activated it and did not bother to look at it until just now — and according to it, I walked at least 30.68 miles this week.

I Walked At Least 30 Miles This Week?

I am currently in the middle of a trip — but I never really realized how much walking I do while I travel. I have walked from the airport which serves the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area to the hotel at which I was staying at least twice; and I returned to the airport by walking. Last time, I walked at least four miles round trip. I have walked from the central train station to south of Sofia in Bulgaria and back. I walked almost 13 miles around the city of Luxembourg in one day, which I intend to memorialize in an article sometime in the future. I walked 21 kilometers round trip in several hours on the Berg Lake trail near Mount Robson in British Columbia last year — and that is not a level trail. Countless more examples exist of just how much I walk whenever I travel.

For me, walking is the most economical way to see a destination — and, many times, also the most intimate way. I can change directions or my mind on where I want to go instantly if I feel like it…

…but I never really realized just how much exercise I was getting from all of the walking that I do.


Sure, walking usually consumes more time than other modes of transportation — but I actually enjoy it; and I can easily walk ten miles at a time without even thinking about it…

…and for as long as I can travel, I hope that my legs remain strong.

In other news, I am about to travel to Morocco with virtually no plans in place — and that is not like me. I have a rental car reserved; but I hope that my experience with driving in Morocco does not emulate that of my experience with driving in Egypt.

Suggestions on what to do for a few days in Morocco are always welcome — I am thinking of driving to Fes, the Atlas Mountains and Marrakech before returning to Casablanca…

…but how much do you walk whenever you travel? I am interested to read your thoughts…

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

4 thoughts on “I Walked At Least 30 Miles This Week?”

  1. Patrick says:

    Take the train to fez. You don’t want a car in fez, its Medina is the world’s largest car free zone. See the tanneries, eat at cafe clock, buy some leather goods.

    Check out the kasbah in Rabat.

    Google.com/maps/timeline will tell you how much you walk if you’ve opted in.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Interesting, Patrick. Thank you.

  2. cnmaz says:

    We also enjoy walking cities on vacation. I have had a Fitbit for a year and have been tracking the miles. I do realize it is not exact, but it is close as I track my stride length at home based on regular measured walks. Our best day this past year has been over 14 miles one day in Granada, Spain. We just returned from a 19 day trip where we visited Porto, Mallorca, Granada and Milan and we walked over 140 miles on that trip. We agree that walking is the best way to experience a city.

  3. Whitney says:

    I love the walking app on the iphone- it’s so fun to look at the end of the day when traveling to big cities! We rent cars all over the world but hired drivers in Morocco. I highly recommend this- it’s affordable and you will see and learn a lot more (and be a little more relaxed!)

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