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Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

I Walked At Least 30 Miles This Week?

I have no idea how accurate is the mobile software application program known as Health on my mobile telephone, but I never activated it and did not bother to look at it until just now — and according to it, I walked at least 30.68 miles this week.

I Walked At Least 30 Miles This Week?

I am currently in the middle of a trip — but I never really realized how much walking I do while I travel. I have walked from the airport which serves the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area to the hotel at which I was staying at least twice; and I returned to the airport by walking. Last time, I walked at least four miles round trip. I have walked from the central train station to south of Sofia in Bulgaria and back. I walked almost 13 miles around the city of Luxembourg in one day, which I intend to memorialize in an article sometime in the future. I walked 21 kilometers round trip in several hours on the Berg Lake trail near Mount Robson in British Columbia last year — and that is not a level trail. Countless more examples exist of just how much I walk whenever I travel.

For me, walking is the most economical way to see a destination — and, many times, also the most intimate way. I can change directions or my mind on where I want to go instantly if I feel like it…

…but I never really realized just how much exercise I was getting from all of the walking that I do.


Sure, walking usually consumes more time than other modes of transportation — but I actually enjoy it; and I can easily walk ten miles at a time without even thinking about it…

…and for as long as I can travel, I hope that my legs remain strong.

In other news, I am about to travel to Morocco with virtually no plans in place — and that is not like me. I have a rental car reserved; but I hope that my experience with driving in Morocco does not emulate that of my experience with driving in Egypt.

Suggestions on what to do for a few days in Morocco are always welcome — I am thinking of driving to Fes, the Atlas Mountains and Marrakech before returning to Casablanca…

…but how much do you walk whenever you travel? I am interested to read your thoughts…

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

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