Iceland Volcano Alert Elevated to Red: Highest Level

A lthough airspace is now closed above an area where a small eruption had occurred under an ice cap and seismic activity continues at the Bardarbunga volcano, all airports in Iceland currently remain open.

The meteorological office in Iceland raised the risk level for the aviation industry to red — the highest level — due to the increased possibility of an eruption of the Bardarbunga volcano, which is located approximately 30 kilometers from the Dyngjujokull ice cap where a small eruption occurred.

Several hundred people were evacuated from the volcano area this past Wednesday, according to an article posted at BBC News Europe.

Although the routes of some flights have reportedly already been altered by at least one airline as a result of the warning, no significant impacts are expected on air travel overall unless an actual eruption of the volcano occurs.

The risk level for the aviation industry was raised to orange only last week.

Let’s just hope that the Bardarbunga volcano does not become a pain in the ash for passengers of air travel, who may very well blow their tops if it does…

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One thought on “Iceland Volcano Alert Elevated to Red: Highest Level”

  1. Levy Flight says:

    Is highest level not glowing ash? :). For the last volcano we routed around the. north, and tending to prefer to sit window port side got a nice view.

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