If You Do Not Like Bathroom Humor, Skip This Entry…

…as it would be a waste of your time to read this.

However, if you do, urine luck!

Take the plunge and read this story about FlyerTalk member El Boocho, who must have exclaimed “Oh, sheet!” when he found that his bed was … well … moist, to say the least.

Let’s just say that he discovered “gold” accidentally — in its liquid form, apparently left as a blanket statement by someone else.

Wait — it gets bladder, folks! I kidney you not!

After being bowled over by the odor, El Boocho was flushed with anger. He aimed to complain to management of the hotel property, who tried to have El Boocho pipe down about his discovery. El Boocho was too drained to move to another floor, but he was somewhat relieved when management offered him 5,000 bonus points for his troubles.

El Boocho still has not received his points as of this writing, which impeeded upon his satisfaction. This is simply plumb inexcusable and is intestinement of the lack of attention to detail apparently performed by this hotel property.

Does this story wet your appetite to read more? Well, water you waiting for?!? By all means, read all about it!

I apologize in advance that this thread is not presented in streaming text and graphics, despite the fact that the details are slightly graphic.

Tank you for your understanding…

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