If You Have Acquired Greater Than 125,000 Medallion Qualification Miles on Delta Air Lines This Year, Read This…

Usually when FlyerTalk member rcs85551 posts something in the Delta forum, not only is his information quite valuable, but he also regularly scoops news on FlyerTalk pertaining to Delta Air Lines.

The 2006 PM 125K MQM Threshold benefits promo thread is no exception.

If you have acquired greater than 125,000 Medallion Qualification Miles this year on Delta Air Lines, not only are you already a Platinum Medallion Delta Air Lines SkyMiles member until February 2008 (and have been so for the past 50,000 Medallion Qualification Miles), but you also have a choice of “thank you” gifts from Delta Air Lines:

  • 25,000 bonus Delta Air Lines SkyMiles
  • 10,000 Medallion Qualification Miles carried over to 2007
  • 12 month Crown Room Club membership

Read the 2006 PM 125K MQM Threshold benefits promo thread for details on how to take advantage of this opportunity…

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