If You Want Extra Air, Just Recline Your Seat?

This long-winded story blows.

There are times where I am aboard an aircraft as a passenger where the air is warm, stale and stuffy — so much so that even when the air is blowing full-blast from the air vent above my seat, sometimes it is still not enough to make me feel comfortable.
FlyerTalk member beofotch may have accidentally discovered an unlikely resolution to this issue during a recent flight on US Airways: recline your seat to the point where the passenger behind you is so irritated that she decides to air her grievances by pointing her open vent in your direction. However, beofotch not only complained to the flight attendant about the response to reclining a seat, but was also threatened with police action by the flight attendant upon landing in Los Angeles if beofotch attempted to take a photograph of the passenger in question during the flight…
…and the discussion only gets more interesting from here, as FlyerTalk members respond to the request “What would you do?”

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