“I’ll Finish Taking Your Order After I Complete This Call…”

As you are sitting at your table in a restaurant, hungry and ready to eat, the last thing you want to do as your order is being taken is to have your waiter suddenly answer his mobile telephone and complete the call before concluding with taking your order — and without any apology or sincerity.

Are there any circumstances where this unfortunate choice of action by the waiter would be excusable?

Find out the name of the actual restaurant where one might be compelled to say “waiter, please turn off your cell phone!

One thought on ““I’ll Finish Taking Your Order After I Complete This Call…””

  1. Drew says:

    There could never be an excuse. Family emergency, wife in labor, child hurt, etc be damned. It’s a lowly waiter who I expect to be on call from the moment i sit down.

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