In Memoriam: chemist661

“Bottom line: In spite of my advanced stages of cancer, my journey (travels, life, etc) have been alot of fun. FT taught me how to travel for very cheap/free. Attending the various DO’s, travelling around the world for next to nothing, going in intl Biz/F has been superb!! I hope to ‘lick’ this cancer by chemotherapy and be able to take to the skies again and see more of the world. I am a ‘born again’ Christian and I am at peace. For me, my positive attitude comes from my faith. I have never put anyone down because of religion/politics. Never had put anyone down to my knowledge. (Note: If I had put someone down by mistake, I apologize in advance–not intentional!!) On FT, the wide variety of topics talked about is where it is at. For this old timer on FT, I became much informed about travels, plus other areas and for that I am thankful!!!”
Those were the words posted on March 20, 2013 at 1:19 in the morning Eastern Standard Time by FlyerTalk member chemist661, who sadly passed away earlier this month after losing his courageous fight with cancer. Those words were posted as part of a unique and inspirational “trip report” where he shared his thoughts on his health, his love for FlyerTalk and travel, his past — and his future.
The last words posted on FlyerTalk by chemist661 was on August 4, 2013 which illustrated his excitement about attending the Chicago Seminars yet again:

“Just booked airfare from LAX-MDW. Due to medical issues, I booked SWA (refundable!) using my points. Arrive MDW Friday afternoon, depart MDW Sunday evening. Doctor told me OK to fly commercial air. I trust I can fly in October.

“Now to book refundable hotel/car. Glad to be going to the seminars again!!!”

FlyerTalk member chemist661 dined at Casa Calamari in Brooklyn in 2009. Photograph by FlyerTalk member tom911.

Unfortunately, Tim — the actual real first name of chemist661 — did not survive long enough to attend the Chicago Seminars this year. However, his wife Marie was ‘in tears’ when she attended the event in his stead to ‘feel closer to him’, according to FlyerTalk member and vice president of the TalkBoard SkiAdcock.
Other FlyerTalk members share their thoughts, experiences and remembrances in this discussion dedicated to Tim.
The last time I met Tim was at the Chicago Seminars last year. Unfortunately, I did not take any photographs of him. I did not post the news about his passing immediately because I was awaiting a photograph which clearly portrayed Tim — but also I did not want to wait too long posting something here at The Gate to honor and celebrate his life.
You will be sorely missed, Tim. My condolences and thoughts are with Marie, as well as your family and friends. May you rest in peace…
…and Tim: please allow me to close this dedication to your memory with the dignity you deserve by quoting something simple which was posted by you here:
“Life goes on & happy travels!!”

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  1. AntsBELOW says:

    Great thoughts from Tim’s posts, and also of your sharing of his time spent with this community….A.B.

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