In Memoriam: dendahl1

Sandy Dahl accepts a $3,000.00 check donated by FlyerTalk members in 2010. From left to right: David Dosch, who is currently president of the Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund; Ed Pizzarello; Randy Petersen, founder of FlyerTalk; Tommy Danielsen; and Sandy Dahl — also known respectively as FlyerTalk members pilotddd, Pizzaman, Randy Petersen, tommy777 and dendahl1.

It is with great sadness to report that Sandy Dahl — also known as FlyerTalk member dendahl1 — has unexpectedly passed away in her sleep at the age of 52.
Sandy Dahl was the widow of Jason Dahl, who was the captain of United Airlines flight 93 which crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In his honor, Sandy founded a scholarship fund in honor of her late husband to which FlyerTalk members generously gave, as evidenced with the following FlyerTalk discussions:

Here is an official statement by Denny Flanagan, a United Airlines pilot also known as Capt Denny on FlyerTalk:

It is with a deep sense of sadness that the Captain Jason M. Dahl Scholarship Fund announces the passing of Jason’s widow Sandra Dahl. Sandy passed away in her sleep this morning from natural causes near Denver Colorado. Sandy was instrumental in the creation of the Dahl Fund following the tragic events of 9-11, and her guiding light will be missed. The thoughts and prayers of the Dahl Fund go out to Sandy’s friends and family at this very difficult time in their life.

It is only fitting that we remember Sandy Dahl and the legacy she left during this Memorial Day weekend celebrated here in the United States. She will be sorely missed.
May you rest in peace, Sandy.

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