Pamela Ingram Lehava
Source: Slay Memorial Funeral Center.

In Memoriam: Lehava

This article was a tough one for me to write. She was a friend of mine.

“Coke is no longer producing dasani sparkling water in cans. Aha is it’s replacement product.” is what FlyerTalk member Lehava posted in the American Airlines | AAdvantage forum on Monday, February 1, 2021 at 1:24 in the morning Eastern Standard Time pertaining to Dasani lime sparkling water replaced with AHA watermelon + lime aboard airplanes which are operated by American Airlines — and that became the last time she posted on FlyerTalk.

In Memoriam: Lehava

At 51 years of age, Lehava — whose real name is Pamela Mary Ingram — passed away on Wednesday, May 19, 2021; and this discussion on FlyerTalk is dedicated to her memory. The cause of death had not been publicly disclosed at the time this article was written.

Having first joined FlyerTalk as a member on Friday, May 27, 2005, Lehava posted content a total of 9,803 times and participated in a variety of forums. Her last activity on FlyerTalk was on Saturday, May 1, 2021 at 1:03 in the afternoon Eastern Daylight Time.

I knew Pam fairly well, as we met quite a number of times in person in addition to the banter back and forth with each other on FlyerTalk. She was quite outspoken and rather boisterous at times — she was not at all afraid to frankly “tell it like it is” and let people know exactly what she thought — but she was also quite sensitive on the inside; and she allowed few people to see that side of her.

She was a frequent flier who was avidly devoted to Delta Air Lines and flew the airline at every opportunity — no matter where she lived. I remember the Binghamton area of New York and Minneapolis area of Minnesota being her home bases before she moved to Texas; and she was an entrepreneur who was a professional services business and process analyst. Whenever she visited the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, she would let me know and we would get together in person — usually for lunch or dinner.

Pam attended The 2010 Second Annual Delta Air Lines FlyerTalk Event — October 21-24, 2010, which I co-organized; and she even wrote this article about it at her weblog called Totally Predictable Unpredictability!, which is more like a personal diary of her life. I was one of the people who were honored to be included in this entry; and I was also one of ten members of FlyerTalk whom she listed as friends.

One of the things she really wanted was a section of the iron railing around the perimeter of the world headquarters of Delta Air Lines — which is where the event occurred — because incorporated into the design was the widget which is the official logo of the airline. She wanted it so much that she joked about arriving during the middle of the night with a blow torch to remove one of those sections.

I have no idea how she would have carried that large section of fence back to her home — but I believe I have at least one photograph of that fence. If I find it, I will add it to this article in honor of her memory. This may not be the same, Pam — but it is the next best thing that I can do for you.

I was initially surprised that I could not find any photographs of her in my collection — but then I realized the reason why: she did not like having her photograph taken. If she were alive today, she would most likely kill me for posting such a large photograph of her at the top of this article.

After receiving word from a fellow member of FlyerTalk via private message — names were removed to protect privacy…

“Hi, don’t know if you still post here or not but I was reading the In Memoriam: FlyerTalk Members Who Have Departed thread. Xxxxx Xxxxxxx told me that Lehava (Pam Ingram) passed away last week. I don’t have any info but Xxxxx or Xxxx might know more.

“How are you? Staying safe?”

…I searched for official confirmation of the news — and I eventually found the obituary from Slay Memorial Funeral Center in Texas.

Pamela Mary Ingram, of Little Elm, TX, passed away Wednesday, May 19, 2021. Pamela was born April 11, 1970 in Toledo, OH to Frederick Samuel Ingram and Diane Elaine Wadleigh.

Pamela grew up in Germantown, NY and lived in Minnesota before moving to her heart’s favorite place, Texas. Pam was a horse lover, a proud Texan, and an amazing friend. She was happiest when her feet were in stirrups or sand.

She worked as a corporate consultant focused on strategy and change management. Pam spent her life proving anyone wrong who doubted her capabilities and bringing out the best in those around her. She believed in the limitless potential of people.

Pam is survived by her mother, Diane of Buffalo, NY; her siblings; nephew, Lucas of Akron, NY; her dearest friends; and her award-winning show horse, Cowboy.

Online condolences may be shared at

Another version of the obituary is found here.

Final Boarding Call

The loss of a FlyerTalk member is always sad for me. I really dislike having to mourn yet another fellow frequent flier — especially one whom I considered a friend. This one hit me hard, which is why I took so long to write this article — and the fact that I lost another good friend to congestive heart failure in recent months did not help either. No matter what I write, I just do not feel like I have done her memory justice.

In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and colleagues of Lehava. This discussion has been posted on FlyerTalk in her honor.

Her last signature on FlyerTalk — as a final dose of bittersweet irony — was: “Thank god for all I missed…Cause it led me here to this”

May you rest in peace, Pam. You are indeed missed…

Source: Slay Memorial Funeral Center.

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