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Source: Seeing the World.

In Memoriam: PeacefulWaters

“If memory serves me right, Great Britain is the big island on the right and Little Britain the smaller island on the left.

“Well that’s what the Romans decided. So I blame Al Italia for the lack of a BA route between Scotland and Northern Island.”

What you just read was what FlyerTalk member PeacefulWaters posted in the British Airways | Executive Club forum on Friday, February 16, 2018 at 12:02 in the afternoon Eastern Daylight Time. That became the last time he posted on FlyerTalk.

In Memoriam: PeacefulWaters

PeacefulWaters — whose real name was Dave Stringer — was 50 years old when he passed away yesterday on Wednesday, July 18, 2018 after finally losing his battle to incurable lung cancer; and the FlyerTalk community is not the only one mourning his passing. Chris Stringer — who is the son of Dave — wrote the following information in this article which was posted at the weblog of his father, which was called Seeing the World:

At around 2:30am on Wednesday 18th of July my dad, Dave, passed away peacefully in his sleep.

He spent his final days in hospital surrounded by his family, friends and other loved ones – he laughed and smiled and said goodbye to us all in his way. Even in his final days, he never lost his sense of humour or cheeky grin and fought on as long as he could to soak up every moment he could manage.

On behalf of him and the family, I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone that has read his blog. From the amusement of the hooker in London to the sadness of his pain and low points, he throughly enjoyed sharing his experiences with you. Your comments and support never failed to lift him up and the support network it allowed him to form helped him battle on for this long. You made him feel like a superstar.

Today is a sad day, but we are happy that dad is at peace now. He had the best last days he could ask for and passed away without pain or suffering.

We will announce funeral arrangements once they have been made via his Facebook page.

Thanks for reading,

Dave’s family (written by Chris)

Having first joined FlyerTalk as a member on Sunday, October 12, 2014, PeacefulWaters may not have technically been a veteran member of FlyerTalk, as he posted content a total of 382 times and participated in a variety of forums — but he quickly became a popular favorite amongst FlyerTalk members who participate in the British Airways | Executive Club forum. The last time he logged into FlyerTalk was on Friday, June 8, 2018 at 3:21 in the afternoon Eastern Daylight Time — which was only last month.


The passing of Dave Stringer is the third loss of a FlyerTalk member within a month after Pooch passed away last month and AlanB passed away only last week. The loss of any FlyerTalk member is always sad for me every time, as I really dislike having to mourn the passing of another fellow frequent flier.

If you want to do something to best commemorate the memory of Dave Stringer, please donate to the Roy Castle Lung Foundation in Liverpool, as recommended by him.

In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and colleagues of PeacefulWaters. May this brave man rest in peace…

Source: Seeing the World.

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