In Memoriam: UNITED863

Darren Booth was known as UNITED863 on FlyerTalk. Photograph courtesy of Darren Booth. Click on the photograph for a tribute to Darren Booth by Heesun Wee at

“I feel fortunate with only having a 2 hour departure delay on my recent SYD trip. SFO departures seem to get hit less as they have ‘spare’ 747s sitting over at the hangar, which is the only reason why my SFO-SYD flight didn’t cancel on 11/28. This route is just amazing to monitor with the frequency of delays/cancellations.”
The comment quoted above was posted by FlyerTalk member UNITED863 — whose real name is Darren Booth — on December 8, 2013 at 1:28 in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time. Sadly, it was the last time he will ever post on FlyerTalk, as he passed away at the age of 41 on Saturday, January 4, 2014.
Darren was probably best known for the weblog Frequently Flying — which he authored at — where his parents posted the devastating news in a final article called Final Flight Farewell:

“We are the parents of Frequently Flying author, Darren Booth. We are so saddened and grief-stricken to let you know that he passed away on January 4th. We know he would like to thank Boarding Area, of which he felt so honored to be part of the blogging ‘family’, and especially to all his readers for your support and comments, both pro and con. Flight and travel were his absolute passion. We take comfort in knowing that his final trip at the end of November into December was to his beloved Australia. And so we wish our dear son much ‘love and light’ on his final ‘flight’.

Sharon & Larry Booth

“P.S. FrequentlyFlying will be discontinued. Please know all of you are in our hearts, and we thank BoardingArea for helping us with this final blog. Darren would be so pleased.”

As a personal note to Sharon and Larry Booth, I can somewhat empathize to the pain and grief you must be feeling right now, as I have been struggling for some time now to assist and console a very close family member who lost all three of her children. No parent should ever be subject to feel the pain of losing a child. Please accept my condolences for you and your family.
Darren had joined in early 2012 with the launch of the Road Warrior weblog, according to a tribute to Darren authored by Heesun Wee, an editor at who was once a news editor for Darren.
Our relatively small world of frequent travel fanatics had been positively impacted by the contributions of Darren Booth, as evidenced by the myriad of “bloggers” and by FlyerTalk members who have expressed an outpouring of praise and remembrances. You can post your condolences in this discussion on FlyerTalk dedicated to Darren Booth.
Darren, I understand that you had been suffering from an illness for many years which eventually caused your death at too young of an age — but I am thankful that despite that, you were able to see the world and enjoy life to its fullest. Your persistence, determination and courage sets a shining example to others that one can overcome pain to accomplish what he or she truly wants out of life.
May you rest in peace; and may you legacy be celebrated as an inspiration to all.

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