In Memoriam: WWBGD

Boris — also known as FlyerTalk member WWBGD — at San Telmo market in Buenos Aires in 2004. Photograph by FlyerTalk member bseller.

FlyerTalk member WWBGD — who last posted on FlyerTalk on May 8, 2012 — finally lost his battle with cancer on Friday, October 5, 2012 after courageously fighting it for years.
In a discussion in which FlyerTalk members pay tribute to WWBGD, FlyerTalk member bseller — a friend, colleague and business partner who introduced Boris to FlyerTalk — says the following about him:

“Many of you knew him, many of you spent time with him, many of you knew his daughter – Masha – from a recent SIN DO. He was a kind spirit, a gentle soul who saw good in everyone that he met.
“He was a champion till the end, never letting on how the pain hit him.
“(H)e found many kindred spirits here as he traveled for the love of travel.
“I shall miss him. Those of you who met him know what I mean. Those of you who weren’t able to meet him are not as rich as you would have been – had you done so.
“We all leave here much too soon. Some “sooner” than others.
“I hope that Boris brought a bit of joy to your life, as I know that he did to mine.”

Rest in peace, WWBGD.

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