In Search of The Best Jewish Delicatessens

Finding the Best NY-Style Jewish Delis can be especially difficult outside of New York City for those who hunger for the quintessential pastrami sandwich slathered with spicy brown mustard on a crusty rye bread with a knish or potato latke and a sour or half-sour pickle, and there is a quality and experience to a Kosher or Kosher-style delicatessen that cannot be replicated in other styles of restaurants.

No wimpy turkey on white bread with mayonnaise is discussed here; this is the real thing for which FlyerTalk members search, and their findings are posted — especially since the traditional Kosher delicatessens have been dwindling in numbers and are therefore more difficult than ever to find.

Whet your appetite and read the reviews posted by FlyerTalk members, as you may be pleasantly surprised as to where to find good real Jewish delicatessen fare…

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