International Wi-Fi Access Installed on First Three Boeing 747-400 Aircraft Operated by Delta

This Boeing 747-400 aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines — spotted at San Francisco International Airport — is one of the first 16 aircraft to be equipped with Wi-Fi service for international flights. Photograph by FlyerTalk member redlegsfan21. Click on the photograph to see more pictures of airplanes by redlegsfan21 and other FlyerTalk members.

Ku-band satellite Wi-Fi service has been launched on international flights to Narita International Airport in Tokyo on Boeing 747-400 aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines — starting with both flight 283 departing from Los Angeles and flight 295 departing from Atlanta this past Tuesday.
FlyerTalk members are not only generally pleased about the announcement of the upcoming availability of being able to access the Internet aboard aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines on international flights, but at least one FlyerTalk member has already experienced it.
“I am currently on the INAUGURAL flight for onboard wi-fi for delta ATL-NRT”, reported FlyerTalk member Lafemmega. “I’m loving it!!! It drops occasionally and slows down some, but overall it’s been pretty good. We were told that it would be turned off as we entered Russia and China’s air space but then we would have it back on for the last 1.5 hours of the flight. Plus it’s in ‘test’ mode so when you sign in on the GOGO page be sure to look for the promo code at the bottom. The promo code gave it to us for free, but I wonder how many people may have paid without having seen the promo code. I found it interesting that it was less expensive for a GOGO flight pass for my iphone ($17.95) versus my dad’s ipad ($29.95).”
Apparently, geopolitical policies imposed by certain countries can restrict access to the Internet.
Introductory pricing options to access Wi-Fi service on international flights begin with one hour passes for laptop users as low as $14.00 and $8.00 for mobile users; or a flight pass option — which will keep you connected throughout your entire flight except when traveling over certain countries — starts at $24.95 for laptop users and $14.95 for mobile users.
FlyerTalk member ClipperDelta first reported back on June 28, 2012 about the announcement released from Delta Air Lines that satellite-based Gogo Wi-Fi technology will be added to its international fleet of airplanes.
Delta Air Lines has already provided Wi-Fi service for greater than five years to its customers traveling on its mainline aircraft operating on domestic flights within the United States.
Three of 16 Boeing 747-400 aircraft — which also operate between Detroit and Seoul; Detroit and Nagoya in Japan; Detroit and Tokyo; New York and Tel Aviv as well as New York and Tokyo — are already equipped with the Ku-band satellite Wi-Fi technology, which uses satellites for global connectivity to offer coverage internationally and will complement existing air-to-ground service already provided by Gogo for aircraft flying within the domestic United States.
All Boeing 747-400 aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines will have Wi-Fi service installed sometime by the middle of 2014.
The installation of Wi-Fi service on the entire fleet of aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines on international long-haul routes is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. The addition of in-flight Internet for greater than 150 airplanes will expand the number of worldwide aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi to approximately 1,000 jets — including all two-class regional, domestic and international aircraft.
Greater than 870 aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines — including all Delta Connection two-class regional jets — are equipped with Internet service, which means that Delta Air Lines operates the largest fleet of aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi technology in the world.
Have you tried the new Ku-band satellite Wi-Fi service now available on international flights yet? If so, please post your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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