Intoxication — Not Cleavage — Is Why This Woman Was Removed From the Airplane?

B renda — who is 21 years old and has not revealed her last name — was removed from an airplane operated by Spirit Airlines at the airport in New Orleans on Monday, January 30, 2017 prior to its departure to Fort Lauderdale.

“I feel awful,” said Brenda. “I can’t sleep. It’s really…it’s really affecting me, actually.”

Intoxication — Not Cleavage — Is Why This Woman Was Removed From the Airplane?

The initial reason was thought to be that she was showing too much cleavage; but a statement released from Spirit Airlines reveals that “the woman’s cleavage played absolutely no role in her removal. The woman was removed because she was intoxicated and other passengers complained about her behavior.”

Brenda reportedly claimed that she only drank one beer and was not intoxicated.

Cathy Supp is a fellow passenger who said that she could not believe it when the unidentified passenger was removed from the airplane. “There was discussion about her outfit,” she told Inside Edition, from which this video came. “She was upset; she was crying.”

Supp was reportedly removed from the airplane as well after coming to Brenda’s defense and giving her a tissue.

Brenda was upset enough to cover herself up with her coat — but it was apparently too late at that point.


There is a photograph of the cleavage in the video footage. I personally saw nothing wrong with the top which Brenda was wearing.

I am not sure if I support either side of the story — or whether or not Brenda simply wanted to get this off her chest — but keeping abreast with what happened is difficult without knowing all of the facts…

…but if exposed cleavage was the reason, that would be ironic considering the lascivious nature of some of the advertising of Spirit Airlines — all the way down to the “bare fares”, as seen with the photograph at the top of this article…

Source: Spirit Airlines.

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