Introducing the All-New Mid-Sized Honda Civic

After reading the title of this entry, you are probably wondering Since when is a Civic a Mid-Sized car?

Some FlyerTalk members are wondering the same thing.

While the Honda Civic is certainly a larger car today than it was 30 years ago, does it really qualify as a mid-sized car?

Hertz — and, apparently, other car rental companies — seem to think so…

One thought on “Introducing the All-New Mid-Sized Honda Civic”

  1. Hosea Hashmi says:

    It s been a long and tedious shift, there’s nothing worse than a 12 hr night when nothing goes wrong so I’ve sat on my ass with only a screen for company. Fortunately I found my way here, there not bad about internet access and your blog has kept me awake for a good bit now thanks. I’ll probably be back in about three weeks when I cycle back to this again.

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