Is it Time to Put Ice on Ice?

Yours truly prefers beverages with no ice because with ice, the drink is usually too cold, there is less of the beverage to enjoy when ice is added for the same cost, the ice tends to eventually dilute the beverage as it melts, and often too much ice is added to the beverage, leaving nothing but a pile of faintly-flavored ice in the cup, glass or container.

Imagine then having the cost of ice rising – $2.50 at Morton’s in Manhattan — let alone being charged at all for ice in the first place.

The question is this: by how much is the cost of ice rising? Has it doubled, squared, or even — dare we say — cubed?!?

One thought on “Is it Time to Put Ice on Ice?”

  1. Guido Binetti says:

    I like ICE, you cheapskate. I love eating the ice when the drink is finished.

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