Are Only Those of the Upper Crust Allowed to Have More Bread?

If Homer Simpson were a passenger on the 1.25-hour Lufthansa flight where FlyerTalk member InquiringMind was told You can ONLY have 1 and a half pieces of bread for breakfast in C-class in LH, he might have exclaimed “Dough!”

Here is what InquiringMind posted:

“…while having breakfast (flying business class), I asked for an additional croissant (I had gotten 1 croissant and 1 piece of bread).

The answer I got was: “No, you cannot have it” The purser said that they had only loaded the two pieces that they gave, and that she could bring me one of those wrapped pieces.

I asked how was this possible for a respectable airline, and was given the following answer:

“Most people don’t eat any bread/croissant, and YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GET ONLY 1 AND A HALF – YOU GOT 2, WHICH IS MORE THAN YOU SHOULD GET!”

This is where our conversation ended, as I didn’t want to ruin my day from the early morning.

Was I asking for too much?”

Should InquiringMind have sliced into the Lufthansa flight attendant about being given more of a “Gluten” Morgen, or was InquiringMind simply being greedy with the half-baked idea of asking for another croissant and instead should have just rolled along without it? Wheat like to seed what you think the flight attendant oat to have done in this situation.

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