Is the Middle Seat a Preferred Seat?

Does Anyone Prefer Middle Seats?

The Gate first asked the following question back on November 9, 2008: Which is the Better Seat: Aisle, Window or Middle?

Believe it or not, there are actually valid reasons to why a passenger would deliberately choose a middle seat versus an aisle or window seat. However, before one may conclude that the world has finally stopped spinning or that the sun will not rise tomorrow, there are still plenty of FlyerTalk members who despise and avoid middle seats at all costs…

2 thoughts on “Is the Middle Seat a Preferred Seat?”

  1. Rob says:

    This week i had an opportunity to depart FLL earlier than scheduled, but i was giving up an aisle-exit to sit in a middle-non-exit…As my laptop required me to work on several items, i chose to wait until my ticketed flight…Was lucky as the earlier flight eventually was cancelled and many of those passengers did not get out that night…Middle means no comfort and little to no room to get work completed…

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