It is Getting a Bit Nippy at

FlyerTalk members manage to keep abreast of all of the changes that go on at, including the fact that a an allegedly revealing new image has appeared there.

However, perhaps Delta forum FlyerTalk members are strapped for other topics of discussion in the Delta forum when they decided to shoulder the responsibility and get their thoughts off of their chests pertaining to the now-controversial new photograph of a woman wearing a bikini while resting in a hammock in a tropical climate. In fact, many FlyerTalk members find the discussion of that photograph rather titillating.

Will Delta Air Lines … er … support the image of the woman in the bikini? Could that woman possibly be Elaine from the television situation comedy Seinfeld, as alluded to by FlyerTalk member underpressure?

Instead of me continuing to milk the puns out of this one, I suggest you review the DL website today and nipple exposed? thread and get the mammary — er…I mean summary — for yourself.

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