It’s April Fool’s Day on FlyerTalk!

This posting is rare, as it has no links to FlyerTalk threads. This is because you have been deputized as a detective to find out which threads on FlyerTalk are merely April Fool jokes as opposed to the threads containing real information. Some threads are quite obvious, while others…well…you will need to read the threads to find out whether or not they are for real.

Besides, we at The Gate do not believe the pranksters who posted the bogus threads will be all that happy having The Gate unravel their handiwork.

By the way, even FlyerTalk founder and member Randy Petersen gets in on the April Fool act with this shockingly revealing submission where Randy Petersen actually mentions something about …“fooling around…” in the title of the story. However, you are cautioned not to click on the link, as what is found as a result is rather disturbing and not for the squeamish.

Do not say that you have not been warned…

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