JAL to Serve KFC on Select Flights

This photograph — as part of the official press release provided by Japan Airlines — shows the Kentucky Fried Chicken meal to be served on select flights to Europe and the United States.

Fast food meets fast travel.
In a fowl move to keep abreast of changing tastes of passengers, Japan Airlines has announced that — starting on December 1, 2012 — Kentucky Fried Chicken meals will be served on select flights from Tokyo to New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Frankfurt, as well as on its inaugural flight and flights thereafter to San Diego on December 2, 2012.
Shouldn’t a frankfurter be served on the flight to Frankfurt?!?
The meal — which will be served until February 28, 2013 — will consist of one drumstick, one boneless chicken breast filet, a piece of complementing flat bread, a cup of coleslaw, and lettuce leaves.
At the time this meaty article was posted here at The Gate, plucky FlyerTalk members have not yet expressed whether they have a bone to pick with this special meal service, or get a leg up on it by sampling it before it is no longer served.
Although it could be perceived that FlyerTalk members were winging it, the original rumor had a colonel of truth to it after all. Well — to its credit — at least Japan Airlines was not chicken about offering this meal to its passengers.
I personally do not patronize or eat the food of Kentucky Fried Chicken — nor can I imagine that reheated fried chicken would actually be appetizing — so this news means nothing to me. However, I am reminded of the time I was with three colleagues in Bucharest several years ago, and they decided they wanted to eat at a Kentucky Fried Chicken — or KFC — restaurant there. I had already eaten, but I joined them at the table. They ordered a massive amount of food because they were hungry — and they polished off every bit of it, citing that that was the best Kentucky Fried Chicken food they have ever eaten by far. Perhaps they were spoiled from ever patronizing a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant again in the United States — but then again, my experience has repeatedly been that the quality of food offered at American fast food restaurants abroad far surpasses the quality of similar fare in the United States.
Perhaps the American fast food served aboard Japan Airlines will prove to be of a similar quality. I do not know, but I have no skin — or any other chicken parts, for that matter — in this game.
On second thought, perhaps Gerry Wingenbach should have authored this juicy article for The Gate instead of me. I just hope he does not tender his resignation because of this fowl-up.
Talk about flipping the bird…

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